French-German Climate Conference “Entretiens Franco-Allemands de Nancy” (EFAN) in Grand Nancy (France)

EFAN took place November 25–26, 2021 in Nancy. Experts in science and business, policymakers, students and young researchers from Germany and France discussed key climate change topics such as hydrogen and new materials. The scientific, societal, and political challenges of the future were addressed in a series of workshops in order to initiate innovation projects and new partnerships, and to create a greener, more sustainable, and more competitive Europe together.

For EFAN 2022, intensive cross-border press relations helped us reach a wide range of media publications in Germany and France, with reports in Saarland’s weekly magazine “Forum”, Lorraine print media “La Semaine”, “L’Est Républicain” and “Les Tablettes Lorraines”, the business magazine “Les Acteurs du Franco-Allemand”, and on various radio stations and online media, such as “Voisins/Nachbarn”, “Energiezukunft”, and “Mein Frankreich”.

Raising of awareness in Germany and France of the EFAN event held each year in Nancy; announcement of EFAN 2022 on climate change mitigation via targeted cross-border press relations


  • Consultation on communication and press relations for EFAN 2022 in Germany and France
  • Composition of a tailored distribution list consisting of regional and national media as well as trade press in the fields of sustainability and climate change mitigation
  • Editing of a German- and French-language press kit, press release, and press invitation as well as selection of press photos
  • Invitation of journalists from Germany and France to EFAN in November 2022 and support on site
  • Creation of a press review for Germany and France


  • EFAN in November 2022
  • Sustainable management and climate change mitigation
  • Opportunities and initiatives for cross-border cooperation on climate change mitigation in politics, business, and science
  • Involvement of French and German youth through collaboration with the French-German Youth Office (DFJW/OFAJ) and the Goethe Institute Nancy